Dollar pints at the taproom!

Remember to save your receipt when you buy a six-pack. You can find Norfork awesomeness in a can at our taproom or at any of your favorite stores across the state of Arkansas: https://nfbrew.com/where/ 

Bring your receipt(s) as proof of purchase. For each six-pack showing on a receipt, we’ll pour you a pint for $1.  

Now that’s a good deal! All the while you’re supporting local businesses (the grocery stores, liquor stores, and us) and drinking some of the best beer in the state!

With thanks, love, and gratitude from Ben, Jason, Kristy, & Mitch

#Buylocal, #Arkansascraftbeer, #Norforkbrewingcompany.

One Dollar Pints When The Taproom Opens back up!

Hi All! Hope everyone out there is safe and healthy during these unprecedented times with Convoid-19. We’ll all get through this together. We all need something to look forward to so here’s what we’re gonna do for you:

Purchase a six-pack at our taproom (curbside only!), your local Harps grocery store, or any liquor store. Save your receipt(s).

For each six-pack purchased we’ll pour you a pint (normally $5.50) for $1 when the taproom opens back up. Bring your receipt(s) as proof of purchase.

The economics of this are pretty simple. The six-pack you purchased at full price between now and then will essentially become 1/2 price (i.e. $4.50 off) when you redeem your $1/pint!

Now that’s a good deal! You can’t buy a sixer of the lowest budget beer for that! All the while you’re supporting local businesses (the grocery stores, liquor stores, and us) and drinking some of the best beer around!

Until then, be safe! With thanks, love, and gratitude from Ben, Jason, Kristy, & Mitch

#Buylocal, #Arkansascraftbeer, #Norforkbrewingcompany.

The Governor Makes the Call

The Governor called it. We’re still open for curbside delivery / take away sale. The taproom will be closed until they say when.

Until then, you can get our beer at Harp’s and any Liquor store in Mountain Home, Harp’s in Fayetteville, and Liquor stores in Little Rock.

https://www.dfa.arkansas.gov/news/details/restaurants-and-microbreweries-allowed-to-deliver .

Be safe. Wash your hands. No smoochin’ with those that are Flu’in. Drink Norfork Brewing Company Beer six feet apart from each other.

Norfork Brewing Company Schedule: 3/19 – 2/22

Hi All, We’re cleaned, sanitized, and ready for you in the Taproom. The Hillbilly Grub Shack is here this weekend with Mitch on guitar on Friday and Art playing music on Saturday.

With your health and safety in mind, food, six-packs, and crowlers are always available for take away if you prefer to do a fly by.

We’re continuing to assess the situation with the Brewer’s Association, other businesses in the area, and the state. If things require us to change, including closing, we will keep you informed. Please continue to check our web and social medial pages to stay abreast of any changes in plans and schedule. Be safe.

St. Patty’s Day: PENNY BEER

These are trying times. We have a plan. Join us in social distancing – party at home!

At Norfork, we want to be a spot of St. Patty’s Day joy and fun:  Buy a Norfork 6-Pack at any one of our participating retailers from March 16 to April 17, 2020, bring us your receipt, and we will give you a crowler of your choice as a to-go from the Taproom for one penny. 

Here’s the fine print: If you buy the 6-pack between March 16, 2020 and April 17, 2020, we’ll honor the crowler for a penny anytime in 2020.  The offer expires 12/31/2020.  The offer is only good as supplies last. There is one 1-penny crowler for each 6-pack receipt your turn in. You must surrender your original receipt for the crowler – no copies or images.  This offer does not apply to the Barley Wine, but applies to all other beer.  The crowler is 1 penny because it is illegal in Arkansas to give beer away.  We always comply with the law!  Towards that end, please drink responsibly.  Obey all laws.  Never drink and drive.  Come back safe and see us again, friend.

Norfork Brewing’s Update on Preparedness

We want to take a moment to update you on the extra steps and safety precautions we are taking as a brewery – and did you know that breweries must be some of the sanitary places in the world?  It’s true – we regularly use strong sanitizers on all surfaces, and we’re stepping up the game. 

Our main priority to always to provide a safe space and product for our community.  During this time we want to ensure we are doing everything we can to help you feel confident, safe and secure. The following are the steps we are currently taking…

1) We are taking extensive measures to deep clean and disinfect all surfaces.   We have some of the strongest disinfectants in the world that we use every day in brewing, and we are using them throughout the entire facility.

2) Our staff has been diligently cleaning all surfaces a minimum of three times a day with CDC approved disinfectant as well as taking extra steps to keep surfaces as clean as possible while the taproom is open.

 3) If you feel sick, or as though you have been exposed to or are in close relation with an individual who may have been exposed to the virus, we ask that you help us continue to provide a safe and clean facility by taking the time necessary away from the taproom to ensure no further exposure. We will keep the beer cold for you, when you are better!

 4) We will continue to stay in communication with you while we ensure we are doing everything we can to stay on top of this pandemic. If any further action is deemed necessary such as facility restrictions or closure, we will be sure to communicate this information immediately via email and our Facebook page.

5) When you do drop by, we ask that you do your part in helping us keep the taproom sanitary – we have supplied sanitary wipes at every table.  Please wipe your surfaces down when you leave.  Please wash your hands (#20 seconds), use hand sanitizer, and practice good judgment.  If everyone does their part it makes a huge impact in the cleanliness of the overall facility.

We appreciate and value each of you and want to assure you that we have your best interest in mind. We are doing everything we can to remain open for your convenience by providing a safe and clean taproom. However, the safety of our community is of most importance. Please feel free to bring any questions or concerns to us. We want to make sure all of your questions are answered and any concerns are addressed. Thank you for your continued cooperation and understanding.

Thank you,

Jason Aamodt & Mitch Krauss

NBCo – Music, Events, and Food Schedule

March 13th – An acoustic Evening with NBCo’s own Mitch Krauss on guitar. Food by Fat Bill’s BBQ

March 14th – Music: Bobby Younger. Food: Fat Bill’s BBQ

March 20th – Music: An acoustic Evening with NBCo’s own Mitch Krauss. Food: Hillbilly Grub Shack.

March 21st – Music: Art Kernshaw. Food: Hillbilly Grub Shack.

March 27th – Music: NBCO’s own Mitch Krauss. Food: Hobo Beef Shack.

March 28th – Music: Anthony Garner. Food: Hobo Beef Shack. Plus TAP TAKEOVER with Lost 40!

April 4th – Music: Route 358. Food: To be scheduled.

April 10th: Mitch on Guitar. Food: Hobo Beef Shack.

April 11th: Music – Erin Walters. Food: Hobo Beef Shack.

April 17th: Comedy: Herron Brewery Comedy Tour. Food: NBCo Light Fare.

April 18th – Music: Crooked Creek. Food: To be scheduled.

April 25th: Music: Andy Tanas. Food: To be scheduled.


Fundraiser Poker Tournament for Pirate’s Ridge Disc Golf. All funds raised will go towards future tournaments at the Pirate’s Ridge Disc Golf Course in Calico Rock.

The tournament will be held here at the Norfork Brewing Company, Saturday February 29th.

This is the information that we have, provided by Michael Luster from Pirate’s Ridge Disc Golf:

You will start with 3000 in chips, and rebuys will be 1000 chips.

Registration: $20. Starts at 9am
Putt for chips 9 – 10
Game starts at 10
Lunch break 12PM – 1p.m.
Game resumes at 1PM until finished

Rebuys first 2 hours $5/ rebuy

Putt for chips: 1 putt/$5 5 putts/$20
15 ft putt = 500 chips
30 ft putt = 3000 chips
Missed putt = 100 chips
No chips can be won once you reach 3000 chips. (Ex. You buy 5 putts and make the first one from 30 ft. You automatically get 3400 chips and you are done. )


Two great nights of music and food coming this weekend!

Friday the 21st, the skillful stylings of Andy Tanas AKA Mister Andy returns!!! We promise you haven’t heard your favorites the way Andy plays them!!!

Saturday the 22nd, that funky and folky rock band, RIO TRIO is back! Hear classics from Peter, Paul and Mary to James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac to Bonnie Raitt, and Stray Cats to Alison Krauss, plus so much more!!!

And your Friday & Saturday food truck is The Hobo Beef Shack!!! If you’ve not had one of their incredible sandwiches, then you don’t know what your missing!!! Come try one! You won’t be disappointed!!!

S👀 you soon!!!


Here’s what’s happening this Valentine’s Day weekend!!!

Bring your honey on down Friday, February 14th for Jonathan McQuay Music! Jonathan will play everything from Tyler Childers to Kaleo!!! This free show will start at 7PM!

Saturday, February 15th at 7PM, please don’t miss the very talented Erin Walters! Close your eyes and imagine Janis Joplin is in the room!!! We guarantee you’ll love Erin as much as we do!!!

Friday and Saturday while supplies last, Mr. Sho Pans will have a very special dinner plate featuring a Stuffed Chicken Breast, vegetables and cheesecake bites!!! It will be the perfect Valentine’s Day meal to pair with your favorite NBCO brew!!!

Be sure to check out our new Double Shot Coffee Milk Stout!!! It’s deeelicious!!!

See you soon!

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