Fundraiser Poker Tournament for Pirate’s Ridge Disc Golf. All funds raised will go towards future tournaments at the Pirate’s Ridge Disc Golf Course in Calico Rock.

The tournament will be held here at the Norfork Brewing Company, Saturday February 29th.

This is the information that we have, provided by Michael Luster from Pirate’s Ridge Disc Golf:

You will start with 3000 in chips, and rebuys will be 1000 chips.

Registration: $20. Starts at 9am
Putt for chips 9 – 10
Game starts at 10
Lunch break 12PM – 1p.m.
Game resumes at 1PM until finished

Rebuys first 2 hours $5/ rebuy

Putt for chips: 1 putt/$5 5 putts/$20
15 ft putt = 500 chips
30 ft putt = 3000 chips
Missed putt = 100 chips
No chips can be won once you reach 3000 chips. (Ex. You buy 5 putts and make the first one from 30 ft. You automatically get 3400 chips and you are done. )

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