Norfork Brewing’s Update on Preparedness

We want to take a moment to update you on the extra steps and safety precautions we are taking as a brewery – and did you know that breweries must be some of the sanitary places in the world?  It’s true – we regularly use strong sanitizers on all surfaces, and we’re stepping up the game. 

Our main priority to always to provide a safe space and product for our community.  During this time we want to ensure we are doing everything we can to help you feel confident, safe and secure. The following are the steps we are currently taking…

1) We are taking extensive measures to deep clean and disinfect all surfaces.   We have some of the strongest disinfectants in the world that we use every day in brewing, and we are using them throughout the entire facility.

2) Our staff has been diligently cleaning all surfaces a minimum of three times a day with CDC approved disinfectant as well as taking extra steps to keep surfaces as clean as possible while the taproom is open.

 3) If you feel sick, or as though you have been exposed to or are in close relation with an individual who may have been exposed to the virus, we ask that you help us continue to provide a safe and clean facility by taking the time necessary away from the taproom to ensure no further exposure. We will keep the beer cold for you, when you are better!

 4) We will continue to stay in communication with you while we ensure we are doing everything we can to stay on top of this pandemic. If any further action is deemed necessary such as facility restrictions or closure, we will be sure to communicate this information immediately via email and our Facebook page.

5) When you do drop by, we ask that you do your part in helping us keep the taproom sanitary – we have supplied sanitary wipes at every table.  Please wipe your surfaces down when you leave.  Please wash your hands (#20 seconds), use hand sanitizer, and practice good judgment.  If everyone does their part it makes a huge impact in the cleanliness of the overall facility.

We appreciate and value each of you and want to assure you that we have your best interest in mind. We are doing everything we can to remain open for your convenience by providing a safe and clean taproom. However, the safety of our community is of most importance. Please feel free to bring any questions or concerns to us. We want to make sure all of your questions are answered and any concerns are addressed. Thank you for your continued cooperation and understanding.

Thank you,

Jason Aamodt & Mitch Krauss

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