St. Patty’s Day: PENNY BEER

These are trying times. We have a plan. Join us in social distancing – party at home!

At Norfork, we want to be a spot of St. Patty’s Day joy and fun:  Buy a Norfork 6-Pack at any one of our participating retailers from March 16 to April 17, 2020, bring us your receipt, and we will give you a crowler of your choice as a to-go from the Taproom for one penny. 

Here’s the fine print: If you buy the 6-pack between March 16, 2020 and April 17, 2020, we’ll honor the crowler for a penny anytime in 2020.  The offer expires 12/31/2020.  The offer is only good as supplies last. There is one 1-penny crowler for each 6-pack receipt your turn in. You must surrender your original receipt for the crowler – no copies or images.  This offer does not apply to the Barley Wine, but applies to all other beer.  The crowler is 1 penny because it is illegal in Arkansas to give beer away.  We always comply with the law!  Towards that end, please drink responsibly.  Obey all laws.  Never drink and drive.  Come back safe and see us again, friend.

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