One Dollar Pints When The Taproom Opens back up!

Hi All! Hope everyone out there is safe and healthy during these unprecedented times with Convoid-19. We’ll all get through this together. We all need something to look forward to so here’s what we’re gonna do for you:

Purchase a six-pack at our taproom (curbside only!), your local Harps grocery store, or any liquor store. Save your receipt(s).

For each six-pack purchased we’ll pour you a pint (normally $5.50) for $1 when the taproom opens back up. Bring your receipt(s) as proof of purchase.

The economics of this are pretty simple. The six-pack you purchased at full price between now and then will essentially become 1/2 price (i.e. $4.50 off) when you redeem your $1/pint!

Now that’s a good deal! You can’t buy a sixer of the lowest budget beer for that! All the while you’re supporting local businesses (the grocery stores, liquor stores, and us) and drinking some of the best beer around!

Until then, be safe! With thanks, love, and gratitude from Ben, Jason, Kristy, & Mitch

#Buylocal, #Arkansascraftbeer, #Norforkbrewingcompany.

4 Comments on “One Dollar Pints When The Taproom Opens back up!

  1. Found your Scurvy Dog and I believe it to be the bestest ever IPA. I am sipping one now as I write this. I hope to come see you soon.

    Steve Clark

  2. What. Is your best teasing beer ? I want to try it I am from Tennessee and I have not tried it yet.

    • We like em all, but try the Scurvy Dog or the Black Oak Stout!

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