We are very proud of our beer, brewed in Norfork, Arkansas along the banks of the White River, in Ozark National Forest, using crystal clear water welling deep from the famous limestone aquifers of the Ozark Mountains.  We use non-GMO grains, all grown in the US without glyphosate, locally foraged wild fruits and other key ingredients, organic when and wherever possible. We derive some of our yeast from the native Paw Paw fruit found along the banks of the White River. The exceptional quality and flavor of our beer flows not only from these ingredients, but also from the care and commitment we put into making every barrel. You can taste it in our beer. 

We can and keg five types of beer . If your preference is light and citrusy, you’re sure to enjoy our Scurvy Dog. Like a light bodied, smooth Stout with hints of chocolate and coffee?  If so, our Black Oak Stout is for you.  Subtle and delicious? Easy drinking? Made with our Paw Paw yeast, our Woodsman Pilsner has your name on it. Everyone loves our light and refreshing EZ Ryder—true light beer, brewed by us.  Our Bury Your Nut Brown Ale is worth stockpiling!

Come on down and see us at the Taproom, look for us on tap at your local watering hole, or check us out in cans at the grocery or package stores!

10 Comments on “WE ARE NATURE’S BEER®!

  1. Hey, I just tried your Woodsman Pilsner. All I can is AWESOME.!

  2. Are your vinyl labels on say Scurvy Dog be recycled with the standard ink type labels?

    • They should be. However, you can peel them off easily enough if you’re uncertain your local recycler will have trouble with them

  3. Your Black Oak Stout is Rich, chocolaty and delicious with a nice foamy head. My favorite beer, hands down.

      • I love it wish it was in a bottle too

      • Thanks Emily – so do we – but we use cans for a lot of reasons. First, they are a lot lighter, meaning that by using cans we greatly reduce the climate emissions related to getting the beer to you. Aluminum is also fully recyclable – glass is too, but there are many grades and there are some kinds of glass that don’t recycle. And then there’s the equipment. Cans have a much more compact packaging tool than bottles. Sometime when you’re in the taproom, ask for a tour and we’ll show you what we’re talking about!

      • I would live a tour. And i love how you guys thought about the recycling plan. Thank you all for that.

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