We are Nature’s Beer®!

Made along the banks of the White River from crystal clear water welling deep in the famous limestone aquifers of the Ozark Mountains.  It’s some of the cleanest water remaining in the country.

We use non-GMO grains all grown in the US without glyphosate, locally foraged wild fruits and other key ingredients, organic when and wherever possible.

We derive our patented yeast from the native Paw Paw fruit found along the banks of the White River.

The exceptional quality and flavor of our beer flows not only from these ingredients but also from the love we put into making every barrel right here in pristine Ozark National Forest of Arkansas we call home.

We are locally owned and run.  We are independent!

The Ozarks. The White River. Arkansas. Whether it’s where you live or vacation – Have a pint of awesome with us!

Take the beer home to remember the place when you need a smile.  You’ll feel it when you crack open the can (and we use cans to respect the river – no glass!)

Please enjoy responsibly.  Recycle where possible.

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