Beers Coming Soon!

Here are the beers that we are planning and preparing for the future.

We only offer some beers at certain times of the year because some of our beers must age for a long time in bourbon barrels, or under various conditions.  Others are made with wild-picked ingredients.  We hope you enjoy!

Guru’s Dew – a Barley Wine:  Jason thinks this is his best beer.  Strong – no – very strong – this beer has an insane amount of hops, barley and wheat.  It is bursting in the glass, after resting in bourbon barrels for months.  Our first batch will be ready right after Thanksgiving – and we will put away some to age for years only to be released on special occasions in the future!  Here’s the details on Guru’s Dew:

Color – Brown (SRM 15)

Bitterness – numerically high but mediated by the maltiness of the Beer – (115 IBUs)

Alcohol by Volume (ABV) – 13%

Light Lager:  Partigayled from the same grains as we make the Barley Wine, the Lager is a light, refreshing beer, low in alcohol and big on flavor that it gets from its big brother, the Barley Wine.  Crystal clear in your glass after fermenting slowly the old-fashioned way for three months, here is what results:

Color – light and clear (SRM 3)

Bitterness – bitter because there are not many malts to balance – (20 IBUs)

Alcohol by Volume (ABV) – 4%

Mavi:  We believe this is the only Beer brewed as a mavi you can buy anywhere.  Brewed with a “gruit”, the balance of bitterness comes from the bark of the Mavi tree.  Found only in the Caribeean (an homage to Bea – who was born in Puerto Rico), the Mavi tree’s bark is used to flavor a drink of the same name that you can buy along the road anywhere in Puerto Rico or Cuba (look for the old man sitting in the shade with a half empty plastic milk jug and a few cups).  Everyone has their own Mavi recipe in Puerto Rico, and this is ours – made as a beer.  It has a completely unusual flavor – we hope you love it:

Color – Brown – from the bark (SRM 14)

Bitterness – we are not sure – its bitter!

Alcohol by Volume (ABV) – 5.5%

Cider – As a collaboration with the Jordan County Line Liquor Store, we are about to brew a cider for the first time – using local apple cider and Norfork’s own Paw Paw yeast – this is a truly sustainable and local cider!

Color – very light (SRM 3)

Bitterness – it should be sweet!

Alcohol by Volume (ABV) – 5%




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