Our handmade sodas are made from natural, (and where possible) local ingredients.  We put as much love an attention into our sodas as our beers – and we think you’ll love them:

Strawberry Soda:  Made with locally handpicked strawberries, our Strawberry Soda is a reminder of the drink of the 19th Century, popular across the South and a staple of many an outdoor barbecue.  With no artifical colors (sorry Big Red), the tangy hint of the Arkansas Strawberries float over the carbonation.


Ginger Ale:  Who doesn’t love Ginger Ale?  Made with only real, fresh ginger root and cane sugar, our Ginger Ale will cure what ails you!  And, it will bring a smile to your face as it effervesces over ice!


Rootbeer:  As a child Jason grew up making root beer from sasparilla roots, but the roots are not permitted to be used in commercial root beer today.  Sarsparilla bark is a close cousin in flavor and we use it and other spices, barks and roots and cane sugar to make an old fashioned root beer that will bring you back in time.

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