We are presently offering three wines for summer:

Archery Summit’s Pinot Gris

Fire SteedsPinot Noir

Erath’s Rose of Pinot Noir

We are presently focusing our wine offerings on high quality wines from the Willamette Valley in Oregon (just South of Portland).  Archery Summit is a spectacular vineyard, and its wines are found in the best restaurants and are regularly served at the White House.  Fire Steed is one of Jason’s favorites, and Erath is a legendary pioneer in American wine making.  We love these wines, and we hope you enjoy these offerings almost as much as you like our beer!

As the seasons change, so will our wines (and our beer).  Check in often to see what’s new and what old favorites are on tap.  If you’re visiting in the near future, and you don’t see what you like, email Jason and we’ll see what we can do for you!

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